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Hokki rakes

HOKKI Exclusive rakes

This rake is so designed that its long,correctly shaped prongs make it easy to use even in long grass or on uneven ground. It won´t clog up with grass and leaves.

The HOKKI leaf rake is a very light rake made from special weatherproof plastic,withstanding temperature changings (-40°C).

This model is also an exellent gravel and lawn rake. Rake blade is 43 cm (17 in) wide.

The HOKKI garden rake is a extremely strong
19-prong general purpose rake with built-in levelling
edge with long very stiff prongs.
Made from the same raw material as the leaf rake.
Rake blade is 36 cm (14 in) wide.

The Fiber glass handles are made of extremely tough EXEL fiberglass
and are fitted with a hanging ring for neat and easy storage.
Handle lenght 150 cm (59 in), diameter 22 mm.

HOKKI Leaf rake

HOKKI TRADITIONAL wooden handle Art. 809

HOKKI Mini Rakes

HOKKI Mini Art. 807
With wooden handle

The unique design makes it possible to rake
even long grass and varying terrain.
Grass and leavs won´t stick to the rake.

The HOKKI rake is made from a special
plastic compound wich makes it very light
and both shock- and wetherproof
(up to -40°C)

The HOKKI Mini-rake is exellent to be used
for example underneath the bushes,
on balconys and in greenhouses.
It is allso very suitable for children and the

It is very handy to bring the HOKKI Mini-rake
along in your car, on your bike or the bus for
example to the cemetry.

The HOKKI Mini-rake comes in for different
colours ;
red, black, yellow and green

Rake blade is 34 cm (13 in) wide, handle
lenght 85 cm (34 in), diameter 24 mm.
Weight 275g (11oz).