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Giljotti-trap a safe non-toxic alternative to exterminating rodents

Easy and sure functioning

Finnish Giljotti traps are easy to set without the risk of injuring your fingers while at the same time sure functioning in that the rats/mice can only get to the bait through a single trap door which slams shut instantly when the rodent pulls on the bait.

Sure and fast

Giljotti traps kill instantly without any unnecessary pain to the rodent.

Durable, hygienic

Giljotti traps are made of high quality, cold resistant and high impact ABS plastic. They are easy to keep clean and the spring is maid from stainless steel which makes them completely rust-free.

Easy to empty

Giljotti traps are also very handy when disposing the rodents which is another reason why Giljotti traps are so much more pleasant to use than other regular traps.

Did you know?

Did you know that rats and mice cause more harm than any other animal trough eating, contaminating and destroying. A single rat can easily eat approximately 12 kilograms of food per year. And a pair of rats in a single year can give birth to approx 1000 offspring in favourable conditions.

Remember also that rats are very effective disease carriers. So put a stop to rats and mice now by plugging up the holes and making conditions unfavourable by using the effective Giljotti trap.


Giljotti traps are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and also used in for example: pig farms, chicken farms, animal farms and in different foodstuff warehouses and every place where poison is not preferred or can't be used.