Unisafe protective glasses work for every occasion!

Unisafe-protective glasses provide an effective protection of the eyes against airborne impurities and liquid splashes. Approved by the Institute of Occupational Health, the lightweight Unisafe glasses meet the requirements of the EN 166 CE standard.

Industrial use

Protection of the eyes is necessary in many jobs. Covering the eyes, Unisafe glasses are extremely light and comfortable in use. However, they do not provide suffi cient protection in heavy industrial grinding or welding.

Health care

The unique design of Unisafe glasses provides effective protection of both the patients’ and the experts’ eyes, for example, at the dentist’s or in the operation theatre.

Colour options

There is certainly a suitable colour for everyone in our large selection of lenses. We can also provide glasses with printed logo, ad etc.

Colour alternatives:

  • clear HP 1S CE
  • yellow HP 1S CE
  • dark

The bows can be shaped by bending them slightly.
Bows are available in the following colours:

  • black
  • white


Protective glasses are necessary for many sports, such as equestrian sports and motor sports. Unisafe glasses have been granted the CE approval. The glasses are available with clear, dark or yellow lenses.

Leisure activities

Accidents can occur so easily. You should protect your eyes when painting, grinding, sawing, chopping wood, hiking in dense forests etc. The purposes of use of Unisafe protective glasses are unlimited.

Order information and packages

Individually packed
Unisafe protective glasses are separately packed in plastic bags equipped with product information and closure. The glasses can be kept in the plastic bag when not in use.

711Kclearindividually packed in plastic bag 10 pcs/display package x 17 = 170 pcs64 17261 171112
711KPclearindividually packed in a bag with hanging holes, 12 pcs/packages64 17261 711172
711Tdarkindividually packed in plastic bag 10 pcs/display package x 17 = 170 pcs64 17261 711035
711Gyellowindividually packed in plastic bag 10 pcs/display package x 17 = 170 pcs64 17261 711028
Display packages are easy to handle!